• Skie (voiced by Matt Hill) – The young student. He is three years old.
  • Lydia (voiced by Matt Hill) – Skie's best friend. He is three years old with brown strokes on his right leg. He enjoys in the night with Skie.
  • Bailey (voiced by Matt Hill) – Lydia's best friend. He is three years old.
  • Mint (voiced by Matt Hill) – Skie's pet. A green gerbil who is cuddly and funny. He sits on Skie's head. His curly hair is soft. He is busy doing the message. He first appeared in Dick's Personal Pet Store.


  • Osama (voiced by Matt Hill) – Skie's narrow lord with dark pink eyes. He is hungry with a blue fork and a pink spoon. He tells Skie about Mint to fetch her. He used the first place in a countryside. He is really upset with Skie.
  • Moosh (voiced by Matt Hill) – Bailey's che
  • Mercedes (voiced by Matt Hill) – Skie's veterinarian.
  • Dick (voiced by Matt Hill) – The pet protector of Eggleston.
  • Natella (voiced by Matt Hill) – Bailey's magician.
  • Rusty (voiced by Matt Hill) – Skie's dentist. He is loving for Skie.
  • Frances (voiced by Matt Hill) – Lydia's farmer.
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